Alexandra Couture

Alexandra is a professional dancer & Yoga Asthanga, Pilates, Aerial specialist.

Fashion Designer (specializing in prom dresses, swimwear and loungewear)

She was Born to Create and make anything beautiful

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Ama Healing Arancha

My background is in Management and Business Administration, although I was always anxious to discover the wisdom on which great scholars of our history, such as Aristotle or Plato, were based, so I went into the depths of Psychoevolutionary Astrology. If you think that you need a boost and make use of the information that a Letter brings you, with humility, serenity and wisdom, the wisdom of what is transmitted to us by every planet in the sky in conjunction with the moment of your birth is a valuable tool Help that allows you to discover and at other times to enhance your qualities, as well as your mission of life.

Through mathematical techniques and its fusion with astronomical knowledge, the astrological is born, with which we can arrive at a self-evaluation and knowledge about those sectors of our life that occupy us, being able to strengthen our weaknesses “in case we believe we have them Of having discovered them “, passing through our values, relationships, philosophy, profession and an endless series of scenarios that reveal the great mystery of it in a more conscious and gentle way.

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 Antonia Fernández

Antonia Fernández is a biologist, specialized in the field of embryology. After going through different situations that affected her health, she was forced to leave the Fertility Clinics where she had worked, which led her to become aware of changes in her life. Her personal and professional experiences led her to take charge of what is her great passion and joy at this moment: Natural Psychofertility, developing techniques to arouse fertility in a natural way.

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Aria Canónigo

Professional in Ayurvedic Medicine,

Hatha Yoga

Vedic Astrology, Ancestral Wisdom, Shamanism,

Natural Beauty according to the Ayurvedic Medicine.

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Cyntis Sheresadh 

BSc. Holistic Medicine

Professional of “Human and Universal Energy”

Karmic Numerology

Energy Equilibrium

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Dácil Rodríguez


Writer * Narrative,


from Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Canary Islands.

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David Vázquez

BSc. Physics and Chemistry

Specialist in Quantum Physics and Oriental Philosophies.

Researcher of Philosophies of Life fused to the scientific world, religious and to the fields of energy.

Analyst of the old theories, adapted to the present.

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Erika Falcón


Holistic Therapist (Usui Reiki Master and other modalities Reiki, Metamorphic Technique, Therapeutic Tarot, Master Magnified Healing, Axiatonal Healing, Akhasic Records, etc.) Chakras and Archetypes Rebalancing, Akashic records, Ayurveda, Numerology. Server of Light.

Priestess of the Goddess (Consultant of conscious femininity and feminine empowerment, Circles of Women, workshops of femininity, healing of feminine energy, Rituals and Rites of Passage, Encounters and retreats of empowerment and healing, Researcher and collaborator in the awakening of the Sacred Female)

Ayurvedic masoterapist (Marma-Abhyanga, Abhyanga, Udvartana, Kusum Modak, Shantala, Champi, Navarakizhi and Pindas, Ayurvedic beauty, custom medicated oils, creams and powders). Emotional cleaning of the uterus. Doula.

Qualified chiromasajista (therapeutic, sports and esthetic)

Organizer and facilitator of circles of wisdom, word wheels and groups and workshops of personal growth.

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Katty Heaven

BSc Holístic Medicine

Angelic Energy and Ascended Masters Channeler



Maestría en Reiki Usui y Angelical

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Kerstin Eskeli

Psychologist and International Relations

Creator of: Yoga “Free Style Life”

Foundress of “Freestyle Life inc.”

Coach in Health

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Nicola Pride


Canalizadora de Energías Celestiales

Apoyo a personas que viven en duelo

Guía para padres con niños incomprendidos

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Patricia Corao

Coach in Health


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Toni Busom

Founder of Centro Dharma Ferrol

Coach y personal trainner in Centro Dharma

Especialist in NLP & Kettlebell

Creator of Metalógic Coaching

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Rita de Angelis

Kick Boxing * Worldwide & European Champion for several years

Personal Trainer BSc Sportive Gymnastics

Owner: Numa Boxing Club – Tenerife – Canary Islands

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Steward Bint

Stewart Bint It´s an international novelist published by Dragon Moon Press, a journalist / magazine columnist, and a proactive activist to raise awareness of mental health and septicemia. Author of several books.

Named on the 2016 list of “Mental Health Inspiring Lawyers Who are Changing the World”.

His previous offices include: radio presenter, news broadcaster and telephone host on radio shows.

He lives in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. He usually goes barefoot.

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