Consciousness Lived Sexuality: Mind + Heart in Action

Sexuality contemplated from Endless Holism, teaches us to understand that Sexuality has much more than what we apparently see with our eyes and we feel the moment the desired Orgasm manifests itself.

Holistic Sexuality, take care of you, your partner, is responsible, is mind and heart united to manifest in the present from coherence, Love and Respect of two beings that grow in maturity, while being reflected In the “mirror” of your partner.

Living and CoCrearing in UNION and Present Continuous is key in the greatest expression of the Sexuality of two people who love each other and for all their bodies (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, astral).

Each time we maintain a sexual relationship, we are creating ever more in-depth and deeper BONDS OF LOVE with the Beloved Couple. We are honoring ourselves, our couple and humanity, because as we know each other more deeply, we love each other and therefore raise consciousness to humanity, we open doors that other people still feel heavy to open … with Our facts, we generate openness and we facilitate the path to those who come in the path towards the increase of their health.

To be able to manifest ourselves from Holistic Sexuality it is necessary to have an open mind to self-knowledge of our own wisdom and to be willing to surrender ourselves in Body and Soul to the highest vibration of Love.

The execution of the same is based on offering practical exercises to raise self-knowledge and the development of it within our relationship to raise awareness.

Relationships do not always happen in a similar way, which does not mean that we are not learning, because THEY DO, we are learning, however, maybe not in the direction we want, but if we need to raise ourselves in consciousness.


We propose exercises to develop in your relationship and that will help you to generate:

  • Self-knowledge.
  • How to identify the intention and energy of those who approach our intimate life.
  • Trust.
  • Wellness.
  • Break Free from Shame.
  • Value the male and female roles within a couple relationship.
  • Cultivating silence in a couple: a therapy to strengthen the union.
  • Value your body, your person and grow with a stable base.
  • Learning how to balance our emotions.
  • Looking into our eyes. The Healing Power of Gazing “practice and exercises”.
  • How to give ourselves in fullness not only in the couple but before the circumstances of life (family, profession, situations to be solved).
  • Raise the Creative Energy and develop towards where we really feel full in any facet of our life.
  • Change our negative point of view regarding any lived experience and draw the individual lesson for each one.
  • Raise our vibration of abundance and prosperity in the fullness of our life.
  • How to channel the bad mood both expressed and internalized and take advantage of it.
  • Increase our vibration and individual energy and therefore in pair, as well as for the family nucleus.
  • Heal any kind of addictions.
  • How to use breathing.
  • How to focus Healthy Sexuality and values ​​toward adolescents and children.
  • Learning to heal through Holistic Sexual expression.
  • Postures in couple that help us to heal.
  • Live orgasm without ejaculation and prolong longevity with quality of life.
  • Increase Libido.
  • Rebalance the menstrual pains and decrease menstrual, pre, post and menopausal symptoms.
  • Meditation in couple.
  • How to care our body and prevent diseases?
  • What to live Sexuality united to our Soul and our Spirit for ?


This practice has the consequence that the relationship as a couple has a connotation of intimate friendship joined to Love in its main base and therefore release us, for example: the fear of being judged “by our partner”, how to leave the nerves in every sexual encounter we have , How to surrender without shame and to enjoy the sacred love that gives us to be in union with the loved one, we will work in how to free ourselves from all these processes that coadjust our freedom in pair and Being One from the Essence of both in Union.

Remember Life is Now,
the unique moment we have the power to do
and activate everything that we propose.


Trust in your Life, Create your Life,

CoCreate the Union since Love and Respect.

The modality is done on-line by means of Video Conferences with date and time adapted to the country of the World in which you are, with one class to the week so that you put into practice the exercises that we are giving in each class and to be able to consult doubts In the first few minutes of the next class or by email.

Thank you for Being
Mary García