Let’s start by defining these words, Quantum Psycho:

Quantum: procedes from Latin and refers to the derivation of “quantum”

Quantum is used in the field of physics linked with certain energy jumps and material ones when emitting or absorbing radiation, also called “quanta”.

Psycho: it comes from Greek and means ‘Soul’ or ‘Mental Activity’.



The Psycho-Quantum is the active and constant union of ALL in ONE, where Causality is the constant and absolutely ALL have self-life and at the same time works in collaboration with the environment, whether or not you see it physically moving.

Oniric development – “Dream” in its different frequencies and depths is shown in our daily lives, as well as the themes – for some people – related exclusively to religions, such as Faith, all are part of the conscious development and / or subconscious of the Human Being we are today, whether we know it or not, accept it or deny it in our lives.



Our Soul´s walk in the becoming of life along the different visible and telepathically existential frequencies leads us to reach the possibility of raising ourselves in consciousness in an unlimited way, touching our Spirit for its manifestation, as did Buddha, among others.

The Multidimensionality existence is present to understand since the analysis of who has not experienced it in a conscious way, this phenomenon we can access for centuries and even touch our Akashic Records in an increasingly conscious way, to reach the Unlimited Bank of Health, Welfare and CoCreative Consciousness for which we are truly designed and in which we are transformed vibrationally through the evolution of our DNA.



In this running times, vitality and longevity with high quality life for Human Being is to develop its Center of Intuitions, which is located inside the Brain, which with daily exercises, is stimulated to reach endless limits of self perception and in union with the Creator Universe. Each of them is the basis for the Elevation of Consciousness, whether you are initiated, whether you are already at an advanced level or even, Universal Energy Channeler towards the Frequent Elevation of Love, within our Home: The earth. The fact is we keep open to learning, to feel and to experience from Free Will and from our Spirit pre-agreements.



Reactivate your Intuition, Connect with your Essence, Learn more from you through your Oniric World, your Faith in you and your Intuitions. Connect with your own Source.

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There are moments in life when we feel disoriented, as if we had lost our way despite the routine that forces us to follow, sometimes without encouragement, sometimes with less breath. It is in those moments in which we must access our infinite inner power and rely on those who can support you in our own quest.

Discover more of yourself and open up to manifest the brilliance of your Being


Love yourself with Humble and Universe will be ONE with you.

 Mary García

Holistic Health & Well-Being