Coaching in Holistic Sexuality and Health

In Sex-Soul we facilitate discernment, personal development and expansion of consciousness. Our CoCreation concept involves the Sex-Soul team interacting with clients on two levels:

1.- In the digital world, through written and audiovisual content, videoconferences, online chats and experiences of buying “Sex-Health & Beauty” products.

2.- In the offline world through conferences, workshops and personal encounters.



From Sex-Soul we promote and cultivate the active union in the couple through our own knowledge and the loved one, as one of the bases of our endless happiness, self-discovery and evolution of personal creativity, deepening the ancestral wisdom and bringing it to Our eternal present continuous.

Sex-Soul stimulates individual inner beauty in all its splendor as the motor of our external beauty manifesting our own mirror and that of our partner, always from Health and Holistic Well-Being.

A space of infinite content, where we bring tools of self-knowledge, curiosities; We invite you to awaken your creativity and to put a grain of sand in your personal and couple happiness.

Health, creativity or personal care are some of the topics we address and that allow you to expand your self-knowledge by setting your dreams in motion, evolving in quality of your sexual relations raising the development of your individual life towards your relationship Couple and your environment. This is a basic thing for advancing your life in a positive way.

Holistic Sexuality is based on the exponential development of relationships in terms of sexuality, difficult moments we´d lived makes us forget that we are “unique beings, united and full of love.” In Sex-Soul we help you to remember how to return to your center, your integral unity with yourself / with the Universe, only this way we can flow.

Sexuality awakening in an harmonious way, not only puts a smile on our faces, but also elevates us in growth, abundance and quality of life. That is why it is a wonderful healing tool with which we come “from the factory”.

You will find suggestions to raise your quality of life in relation to yourself, your intimate relationship and the important thing to be clear: “Who are you?”, “What are your values?”, “What do you want to achieve in life? “” Where do you want to go? “,” How would you like to feel? “,” How does your life and environment affect the way you project yourself in the world? ” And we offer you different ways to feed yourself.

Our encounter with Sexuality is sometimes based on what we can see in a movie, or how unfortunate our experiences have been, instead of being influenced by the knowledge and love we have acquired from our trusted environment: family, tutors , Friends, relatives, acquaintances, society, etc. The way we develop sexually determines how we relate to life!

Taking into account the linearity of time for the human being in a distant past it was understood that sexuality and the true end of it was the expression of the “Divinity” through sexual experimentation in the Union of Two Souls, that wonderful Infinite information that we all treasure in our interior. All this is linked to “our Being” and is something that is united, we are not cut to pieces. That is why we promote Sexuality coupled with LOVE.

When it happens emotionally is when internal conflicts are created and by ignorance it almost always affects us in other areas of our life. Our vitality diminishes, we lose the motivation or simply we do not see exit to our personal situation, of the nature that is.

LOVE is the motor that drives us to evolve.

If you want to share ideas with us, collaborate or contribute, do it through

Our seed to humanity is to sow love in each and every one of the impulses that we are and do

Does it sound like utopia? … may … what we do know for sure is, that what is not tried, is not achieved !!

Happy Life´s Sailing!

Thank you for Being

Mary García

Sex-Soul Founder and C.E.O.

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