If I refer to who I am, I am Citizen of the World. However I dedicate to my passion: Holistic Health and Sexuality for Wellbeing.

Holistic comes from the Greek ὅλος [hólos]: “all”, “whole”, “totality”.

Therefore Health since the Holistic point of view is much more, because goes beyond the physical body, including the emotional, mental, energetic the Universe, all working together “ALL IN ONE” with everyone and everything. Holistic embraces the broad spectrum of who we are, what we see, what we think or feel in union with the Universe; Everything is “our”, due to responsibility it implies, and we are its stewards as we transit through this life.

For years, thousands of people from all over the world have come through my life who have contributed me and whom I have been able to support in their various consultations.

Sex-Soul is born with this name given the true importance of Sexuality from Love, Health and the manifestation of our Essence to discover day by day the fullness of who we are, the Energy we transmit in our lives, how it affects our Health and how we apply it in EVERYTHING.


Mary García

Portrait done by Patricia Fins

My studies and professional experience are developed within Holistic Medicine – physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies – approaching different means to achieve health in a personalized and individual way. This training and experience are born in different countries of the American, European and Asian Continents.

As Sex-Soul´s Founder and CEO, I intend to open a portal from the wisdom of professionals from Health, Sexuality, Nutrition, Ancestral Therapies, Well-Being, Creativity, Natural Beauty contemplated from Holism, to give them you with sincere respect, if you put into practice some of them in your lives through the discernment, they will be able to Self-develop and Self-support individually and in couple, since the union of both, because together are the society family base. What we are individually, is what we exercise in each of our relationships “with yourself, with your partner, in family, in society …”

Likewise for those PROFESSIONALS who are reflected through Sex-Soul and wish to spread from the truth and purity of their knowledge generating transformation, rebirth and bring light to what is already out of date so that our respective conscious hearts open like flowers in spring Expanding in its marvelous splendor, raising the consciousness from the Truth, the Love and to return to trust in the Word of the Human Being, UNIFORM !

It is time to remember who we are in essence, our values, our worth, to discern about ourselves individually, from compassion and understanding. It is time to soak and evaluate how many spots we must clean, to start this new path. There is an adaptation, just like when we left school and passed to Bachiller, or when we left Bachiller and entered the University; Each of these changes was a challenge, an awakening to learn and open to something new.

Age is no longer an excuse, because we are feeling an even better vitality than in previous years, and if it is not, it is time to analyze and make changes. For example: What activity did you do that made you feel good and happy with yourself? It is one of the thousands of questions that will be asked throughout Sex-Soul.

We evolve in really fascinating moments, where it seems that the Chaos “apparently external” joins the “seemingly internal” Love and we do not understand very well why everything seems to have a double meaning in these moments of uncertainty, while it exists in the interior Of each of us a Blind Faith that something new is being born.

New age ?,

New dimension? …

We will see it throughout each publication, each professional located in different parts of the world and thus building the Puzzle to this new and different world, to Flow in the Eternal Present Continuous, nothing compared to what we have lived until recently.

Welcome to Sex-Soul
A path to self-knowledge to create a Happier Life!


Mary García

Sex-Soul Founder & C.E.O.

Sex-Soul LLC, all rights reserved – 2017