My encounter with Astrology was not a coincidence. It has been a long road that was born and has grown without realizing it, to take the current form and to materialize magically through books, classes, long hours of study, innumerable number of talks between friends who enjoyed as I of such incredible knowledge , A great delight and sparks of continuous energy that have led me to love it and make it one of my best tools of life to improve the quality of relationships of all kinds as a contribution to my personal and professional growth.

Astrology only gives us pieces and advices that if we know how to put in balance and harmony all this worth information, it will make great this walk we call LIFE getting much easier and satisfactory.


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My professionalism and experience lead me to offer you this Millennial Science (from Aristotle’s times) to your hands.

If you are in your own selfdiscover deeply and you want to give your life a boost by making use of the information that Astral Chart brings you, with humility, serenity and wisdom, you will get the most reliable information that any other planet in the firmament will transmits to you, due to the conjunction with your birth moment.

It is a valuable tool that allows you to discover and at the same time to enhance your qualities, as well as your mission of life.

The mathematical techniques and their fusion with astronomical knowledge, result in the astrological universe, with which we can reach:

  • Self appraisal
  • Knowledge about those sectors of our life that concern us
  • Become aware of our weaknesses for its transformation
  • Strengthen the opposite of our weaknesses “in case we believe we have them or have discovered them”
  • Empowering ourselves in our values
  • Strengthen our relationships “with ourselves,” “couple”, “friends”, “family”, “philosophy”, “profession” and endless scenarios that reveal the great mystery each of them in a more conscious and gentle both.

On countless occasions, making an astral letter and deciphering the sublime codex it offers, while the interlocutor looks at me with skeptical eyes, with some reticence and then turns his head, connects his eyes with mine and says:

You see my life there?

How can you tell me something about my existence if you do not know me?

My answer is always this: it is an ancient discipline based on mathematics and astronomy. I have only learned to interpret it.

Based on my experience, I dare to affirm and suggest that each person, group or company, should have an astral chart to know the greatest potential, beyond what some believe: the astral chart is not based on being A predictive method about the future, but is a tool of wisdom that allows to extract the greatest potential of each person, company or organization, as long as that is what is desired. It is a tool of healing and evolutionary understanding about oneself and its eternal present.

Discover all about you to take advantage in your life, being more effective

My mission through SEX-SOUL is to be able to transmit to all human beings a ray of light and a deeper connection with their souls through the Giver of the UNIVERSE Love and the wisdom that I have learned to interpret.





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