Interpret the Energy

Reading the Energy Movement

We all cross in our day to day with other people, some, we see them every day, others never again; Of some we realize, of others not, simply, it is a maelstrom of energies in constant movement where the speed goes faster than the attention of our senses on her.

And yet, without being aware of it at all, we are constantly “reading” or perceiving in different ways, all those energies with which we cross.

In this article I will tell you about what we perceive energetically about people and the reactions they have in their walk through life.

Fortunately the technology provides us with valuable information, when detailing photos or allowing us to pause a video, an image that has always been said “worth more than a thousand words” or simply to visualize many times a cut of a recorded gesture, we can discover and Learn the energetic and emotional language that moves the people of our environment and especially, our own, because as everyone knows, “from what we give, we receive”! And if it is not related to us or does not bring us a lesson, we consciously or unconsciously move away.


You know you have these qualities of perception when:

a.- You learn from the past
b.- Listening attentively and observing in great detail the movements of your interlocutor or of yourself when you see yourself in front of a mirror, you listen to yourself or when you see yourself in a recording.
c.– Express what you feel and think, you feel how you feel.
d.- You are attentive to the environment in which you are, keeping you out of people who can destabilize you.
e.- You are a leader by nature and you demonstrate it in every step you take.
f.- You are an independent Being, you do not fear to work and you are able to survive any situation that presents itself to you.
g.- Surrounds you with people who support and increase you.
h.- You are a person with capacity to remember in detail.
i.- You have more successes than mistakes. Your risks are premeditated.
j.- Your circle of friends gives you confidence and security.
k.- You risk when you go for something higher.
l.- You care more the intention of what you do, than the material benefit.



Follow these 5 basic steps in our daily life:

FOCUS  (union of mind and heart in balance)

OBSERVE  (open your eyes beyond what you can see)

LISTEN (words have readings behind themselves)

FEEL  (perceives the gestures, expressions and looks that manifest)

AND DISCERN  (analyze what you have just observed, heard, felt, then you can come to a conclusion)

Detail from your inner silence, any situation that you are living, as if you saw a MOVIE WITHOUT SOUND.

Analyze the movements of people, their gestures, everything that happens in the environment and analyze the HOW YOU FEEL.

of this will help you to develop even more your sensitive perception about the environment and will reduce your negative experiences, avoiding them through observation and detail of them.

Mary García

Holistic Health