The Dangerous Comfort Zone

Do you feel that your life is routine?
Are you tired of conforming to what you have?
Do you feel that you are going to lose one of your most desired dreams?
What if you abandoned everything and started again?
Are you able to get out of that comfortable area?
There are two types of individuals, the adventurous and risky, the routine and fearful.

Astrologically Mars is the one who acts and Venus is quite passive.Where we have located Mars we will have our impetus, courage, risk, battle and most importantly our maximum form of self expression.

Where we have Venus is our comfort, routine, pleasure, staticity and love of tranquility.



This lethal area is named for the security and confidence in which our life runs comfortably. In this area you know perfectly how to act and measure all your movements.


It is the area behind the comfort zone and there we open to learn, travel, open knowledge. It is the area where you expand your mind.


In this area you feel vulnerable and exposed to any event, emotion, experience where you are invaded by fears, paralysis or anxiety.

Otherwise it is the area where magically open new horizons, opportunities, expansion and you feel like a new person.

You can not unlink one emotion from the other but if we do not pass the traffic we will not know.

The own letter

Mr. Saturn, the planets and signs of negative polarity play tricks on us in this matter.

It is well known that the sign of Taurus at the same time as its regent Miss VENUS known for its comfort and hedonism does not like to move very far from its grounds and comfort zone.

The little bull is very comfortable and because of its need for stability, its energy is not the most appropriate to leave the area of panic or transformation.

Otherwise the ram that his regent is MARS is a daring match and very daring to jump without looking at the pool. Aries would never know how to live in the comfort zone and the most obvious reason is that he would be dead in life.


Where is your planet Mars located?

We can make a great performance of your active energy and seek your greatest potential to get out of that damn comfort zone that has you dazed and bored.

The propensity for change gives the location in the sign where the warrior and daring Mars is.



If you feel in this position you have it very easy, put your Mars to work and you will see the rapid changes. Do not hesitate to change what bothers you. You have enough energy to try.


Uy, uy, uy, here the question gets more difficult, stubborn little bull does not want to change and his mars is slow but sure. You must set goals and be consistent with them, the decision is in you and your desire to have fun.


Communicate your wishes and activate your mind. Do not use your desires in a single objective you see changing zones and you will have very fast results.


Here mars gets in its worst position, it depends on its emotion for action. They are too emotional to drive that deep desire. Look for a strong emotional motive that will get you out of that boredom.


Je, je, je, here is nothing more than to put a goal and fill with pride in getting it. Mars in Leo will easily culminate your desires for change and position. With the help of fire and instinct he will be victorious.


With a good analytical ability and a clearly specific objective will leave scrupulously the comfort zone, what happens to Virgo is that you will feel very comfortable in the area of knowledge and will delay in entering the panic or transformation.


Here the thing gets slow again, pound needs to have a negotiation and will hesitate forever. If it is a matter of changing partners, you may be in that area for a long time. It is not the optimal energy to change because they avoid facing conflicts.


Here Mars becomes passionate and driven from your desires will shift strategically from comfort zone to transformation quickly. In fact this sign is that of the transformation and alchemization. Bravo! Mars in Scorpio you are the master in this area of life. If you know to rent with this Mars do not hesitate to ask and advise you as you would to change zone and transform, could be of great help.


With an expansive mind and an adventurous spirit, they seek to learn and explore distant and little-traveled lands. They are the blessed and enthusiastic. They leave their comfort zone daily are not inclined to wait for anyone or anything.


This traditional energy is complicated to look for where panic or fear, however if they find in the change of area a great gain do not hesitate to step on marshy ground.


Mars in aquarium will leave this area in combination of group projects or together. They are very inclined to explore areas that are not inhabited and in the search for future projects. You will have no problem getting it.


As they do not like conflicts and confrontations it will not be easy for them to find an easy way out of this comfort zone. They sacrifice and dedicate so that others are well and comfortable. A good option is to look for new sensations, emotions and to focus on them a creativity and elevation of the soul. This will make them more bearable and fluid.

The question is …….

Will it be worth having left your comfort zone and explore new territories and horizons?

That will only know if you leave the same, each individual has a tool and skills, only in the attempt will be success. To the extent that we are aware we are more open to any change, fitting it and facing it properly.


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