Betrayal and Infidelity

How many times have we felt the dagger of infidelity or betrayal?

That question plagues and disturbs us !!!! Only a good friend, lover, husband, family member is capable of carrying out a TRAITION, the enemy is not lucky enough to betray us, we do not give way to him to have that power.

Astrology helps us to know how proclivable an individual is to be or not betrayed or unfaithful. This does not mean that by having Venus in house XII all the possessors will be unfaithful, but the inclination towards this fact is superior to that who does not have the planet in that scene or house. After all we are Beings that grow and develop our souls, making use of our free will.

Let’s talk about our dear NEPTUNE;

Neptune is so self-deceived that its nebulous energy does not let behind those paradisiacal smoke curtains. The powerful power of infidelity and deceit is borne by the sign of Pisces and the mighty God of the Seas (NEPTUNE). Once it own us, we have no way out, you get confused and you do not know “why” you got there. We hear like a “siren song” of that person who we fell attraction for and suddenly you are in a World of Dreams driven by a powerful energy that only allows us to observe the Beloved or Admired Being.

Neptune in House VII bad aspected makes us fall in love and at the same time disenchant us of the same person when we have a routine life, that person who had possessed us with its siren songs now presents us as a deception or as a disappointment . What we can not forget is that energy and the planet belongs us (we are responsible for our successes and failures). Piscean energy is very likely to feel like a martyr and make the other guilty.

Venus VENUS and Neptuno NEPTUNE

the red stripe makes them have a tense energy.


Hence infidelities and betrayals arise:

– It was not what I expected.
– He cheated on me and he’s another person.
– I feel cheated.

And endless justifications of why I committed a TREASON OR INFIDELITY.

If we do a little introspection we will realize that perhaps we create a fantastic world and an exaggerated illusion of history. So we will repeat patterns and realizing that the ball will get bigger as we continue to be driven by this peculiar Neptunian energy.

Awareness requires pain and change but it is never late if we are to evolve in this direction.

Another indicator of clandestine love is Venus and Mars in House XII.


Venus VENUS, Neptuno NEPTUNE and Marte MARS




Venus and Mars in House XII are placed in the house of the occult, being able to have loves behind the scenes or clandestine.

Indicators of planetary transits (planets in movements on the natal chart) and sinastrías (superposition of two natal charts), determine the inclination to be able to live this type of events.



Great passions often bring great treachery, do not forget to make the proper ground. Living is a nice adventure but we have a responsibility to do so.

Thank you for existing.

Cheating is a choice, not a mistake. PAULO COELHO

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