Parents! What inheritance do you leave to your children?

The best heritage that parents or guardians can reach their children is education through their own example:

Values and principles!

Today there are prostitutes, gigolos, beggars, homeless, delinquents, scammers, manipulators, psychopaths and depressives … the reason is none other than the fact of not having good pillars in family educational life, more than people say or shout that prostitutes, criminals, etc, each one has chosen the lifestyle they live, either because they was dragged by circumstances, or because they could not say NO, maybe they feel confortable about the idea and now not so much.

A person with Educational Pillars and Firm Principles is more likely to know her/himself, more likely to feel confident about him/herself and to know her/his strengths and weaknesses, due to the example that is manifested at home and because there is time to think and feel it without drama.

That is the True Inheritance that parents or guardians can leave to their children!

Without morality, without civism and without education, Life is a jungle of crystals that break one after another without end and a time bomb with a clock that has no end, generating anguish and feeding the discomfort and absence of love that in the future could bring the proportion of what we have given as parents.

A good principles and moral foundations´ person, is a person who knows how to take control of his life, thinks of himself for his own well-being and consequently in others, even if he has moments of weakness or confusion throughout his life.

Give and Receive Quality of Life!

The parents manifestation of Love and Respect importance between them and family will be the mirror that reflects the Quality Life that children will imitate and finally will execute in their maturity, it will be repeated in future generations, Enhanced by individual discernment or worsened by mental vagrancy.

Freely speak within family relationships, adapting sequentially to the age of children. Communicate since Love and Comprenhension-Understanding, flow within the relationship you have with your children, remember they are pure Beings that bring love embedded in their pores and if they learn to interact with maturity in the relationship they maintain with their children, talks will flow towards growth between both sides. Be friends, friends in games “re-live your childhood”, remember with joy and without limitations the beauty of living without those limits or emotional excuses that sometimes we impose without realizing. But also remember that YOU ARE PARENTS and not only children´s responsibility but also future life or non-life depends on each of us, so it is necessary to establish parameters of behavior, respect, love and rules for Home Harmony and consequently for Healthy Society.

Live with our children is to become aware of who we are and whom we have sometimes forgotten. Remembering the purity of our loving expression and without conditions, must be manifested in day by day RESPECTING INDIVIDUALLY, IN COUPLE AND FAMILY.

Only in this way we will build a balanced, intelligent society with a desire for self-improvement. For many differences between their children, they also come to teach us through their behavior of their cravings, their novelties, their questions; Evaluate what you should integrate in your life to understand and support them, ask for your children to tell you what they want from you and how they want it – and as you know, I do not speak of anything material but sharing, talking and joining efforts-.

Remember that once we die, we do not even take the clothes we put inside the box.

We take efforts with achievements, we take victories, experiences, travel, share, live in union. Do not let your children live in front of a screen, just because you do not want or do not know how to attent them, because they will be those ones that tomorrow you will find them as drivers of public services, or in the window of some company, attending you and maybe … it’s not going to be what you expected. Sometimes we demand more from others than from ourselves, it’s time to self-analyze and everything can be improved if you start for yourself.

It´s true we have came without an instruction manual in a book form, however we have something called “intuition” that is our best manual and if it causes us to do a healthy task, play healthy or converse full of joy and released from a Old and heavy past …. then we will be remembering that peace lives in us if we choose it and the smile will come without effort.

Changes begin at the moment you become aware of it and you respect yourself in your decisions and apply them initially from you and for you and consequently in your family nucleus.

Throughout our website we will upload information that will support individual discernment from health.

Remember that things can be bought …

Love is sown, watered and harvested every day bringing freshness to the relationships´ light.

It is important to remember living within the family is basic for being happy.

Too many homes in which some parents or guardians´ free time runs in places outside home far away their families, even lacking time to enjoy with their own family.

Do not complain if over time you do not know your children it is supposed you have and who have not attended, with those who have not played every day, with those who have stopped talking every day, those who have left aside … When you needed the parents’ guide to perform tasks or duties, to answer doubts or simply to need a hug and not to have it because they were “busy tending to friends in the street, in the bar, etc” or any other excuse Want to put

Parents, if you want to do anything on the street, share your tasks with your children, learn to be join sharing together, talking together.

Parents … no matter how your parents treated you, there are no excuses. Past can not be changed, but you can change your point of view about it.

And why does not realize that our parents have learned what they learned and how they learned and they did not have the discernment to change; It is true that there were other times and circumstances.

However in present we are LIVING in the Era of Information, the inner evolution. The industrial era, IT ENDED!

Life is changing and our parents in some cases already become grandparents, it makes them uphill breaking old molds and somehow it seems to us too and curiously, lately, we feel different, it seems that we feel a lightness with regard to our Past and remember things that we had not lived for a long time, or simply reappear people of our past that had not seen much …. The issue is that without knowing how and sometimes not even why, our environment is changing and it is because what it happened … HAPPENED!

It is not about changing anyone, but about ACCEPTING, BE OPENING TO UNDERSTAND from another point of view




And I reiterate … FROM OUR HEART!





Enjoy day by day

Mary Garcia

Holistic Health