Chemistry or Alchemy in Relationships?

“They asked the Master what was the difference between chemistry and alchemy in relationships and he answered these beautiful and wise words:

People who are looking for “Chemistry” are scientists of love,
It means, they are accustomed to action and to reaction.
People who find “Alchemy” are artists of love,
They constantly create new ways of Loving.

Chemists love out of necessity.
Alchemists by choice.

Chemistry dies with time,
Alchemy is born through time …

Chemistry loves the container.
Alchemy enjoys content.

Chemistry happens.
Alchemy is built.

Everyone is looking for Chemistry,
Only some find Alchemy.

Chemistry attracts and distracts sexists and feminists.
Alchemy integrates the masculine and feminine principle,
For that reason it is transformed into a relation of free individuals
And with its own wings, and not in an attraction that is subject
To the whims of the ego.

In conclusion, said the Master looking at his students:

Alchemy brings together what Chemistry separates.
Alchemy is the real marriage, chemistry divorce
Which we see every day in most couples.

“Let’s begin to build conscious relationships,
Because chemistry will always make us age the body,
While alchemy will always caress us from within “……


Life philosophy

At the beginning of a relationship, many people observe in detail the behavior or attitude they receive from partner, without thinking about GIVE.

Who does not GIVE, feels always unhappy without exception, whether or not we are aware of it.

Hence the importance of Meditation, which is nothing more than to be consciously connect with what/who we are, with what we have inside us, with what we create from the depths of our thoughts sometimes linked to emotions, with the awareness with our toxic thoughts which are also self-made, sometimes by external influence, but always with an internal fruitful field (but we would not let it in and if there is still something to learn and recognize from it).

What is also true is that if I do not GIVE to myself, how to give others what I do not know that I am or those qualities, attitudes, inner well-being and that I transmit unconsciously?

From there, it comes the descriptive fact about our attitudes we hear in our coexistence with our partner and family about us, although we are not always aware of our behaviors, answers, attitudes, maybe because it hurts us too much to face it and we prefer to dodge it by making the huge ball Snow coming down from the top of the Everest with an endless journey of trajedies, troubles and uncomfortable situations.

The truth is there are so many people who loves to live with problems in their life and simply create them, either by upbringing, or by comfort, or by drawing the attention from our love that does not give itself … thousands of reasons and situations all created for SELFDISCOVERY, or in the worst of cases SELF DESTROY for not wanting to recognize the truth of who we are.

That is why it is basic to cultivate, to discover oneself day by day, to immerse yourself in oneself, analyzing what you like, what not “especially” because of it you will get the greatest discovery of your life: YOURSELF and therefore the type of relationships that reach your life.

Every relationship that is presented in our life is a faithful representation of what we carry in our mind, so when something that you are living does not like, simply ask, what are you thinking, even in the midst of those hidden thoughts of the Which at times, we are not aware of. Listen to your thoughts and you will know how your life is projected.

You will not be able to find or see the partner with whom to live in Natural Alchemy if you do not initially live in a Natural and Alchemical way with yourself.

Alchemy is inside yours. Bring it outside and SHINE

Collect all that you sow and enjoy it in fullness!

Mary García

Holistic Health