Homosexualidad Espiritual

In Present and much more in past time, Homosexuality remains subject of debate for some people, love for another ones and ignorance for others. This issue is vital, especially after the shocking situation lived in Orlando last June 12th, 2016.

There are different opinions about Homosexuality:

Some people are clinging to the idea of believing that it´s a disease.

For others, its simply a quirk of unlimited lust that is able to manifest the Human Being.

Meanwhile for others it´s simply their natural way to live.

Fortunately they are increasingly more who take homosexuality as something as natural as breathing.

For so many ones is known that in Naure there are animals with the same gender who have sex and therefore they are no Homosexuals or they do, but we don´t give that importance; We’ve all seen male dogs trying to “ride” to have a * * call it “exchange.”

Sexuality is one of the deeper reasons for Being and existence, one of our ability to transform and evolve the NEW HUMAN BEING through procreation and the experience that the love act provides. Recall that we have evolved from the beginning of time … why should we stop now ? or maybe some people think that this only includes technology and material life?

That, we have to live in the XXI century, with the flow in present, in an ocean of relaxation and enjoyment while in everything we do, feel and see.


Do you know what is the most important at this moment of life?

Each person individually evolve; to be heard by oneself; Being understood throught that unconditional love in the most possible way, as a mother loves her kid; sitting in harmonious union with all life;

We all know that when we were born, we do not come with instruction manual under arm and the reason is because we are looking for the manual in the wrong place, we have looked at the opposite direction, as the manual is within each of us and you access with perseverance, love, meditation, caring for oneself and self-listenning * instead of listening at tangle of problems we have created in our minds and we call them “Worries”, although if we analyzed concerns, we will realize they are just “filler lies” – as I call them – because the truth is that rarely materialize our life. Therefore, they are lies that vanish at the same time the reason of our fear appears in front of our eyes.

I propose to sing, to walk, to concentrate on breathing and take your breath control; Or listennig each thought coming through your head every day and having the knowledge each thought is energy – just like a mobile phone – emits a wavelength that carries information; this information is somewhere in our universe and … we have an answer and each time, the answer comes more quickly to our lives.